Unexpected Stop in Coal River

Mile Marker 533 on the Alaskan Highway.

Roger wanted an adventure. So I guess that includes 2 blown out tires on the camper stranding us at a small lodge called Coal River. They had been doing road work laying down small rock on a tar surface, but the rock are like small pieces of glass, cutting not only our tires, but fan belts, etc.

So he’s driven back to the nearest village 2 hours (one way) away to get new tires. The other direction, it would have been 4 hours (one way). We are in the middle of “no where.”

I can’t help but make some spiritual connections. Sometimes we are tooling along in life, enjoying the view. We are even on the right road, but things happen and then happen again that try our attitudes.

I’m glad we have a credit card with God that helps meet our needs. He provided clean beds and private showers. Our faithfulness and obedience financially has offered us credit on this side. We’ll need to be faithful in the future to pay the debt. But for now, we’re not feeling the stress.

We’re just doing what needs to be done. Bad things do happen to good people. We can’t control it. What we can control is our attitude of thankfulness for what we do have without focusing on what we don’t have.

Hopefully Roger will return in a few hours with new tires and we’ll be on our way. But Mile marker 533 will probably be one of the memories that sticks with us the longest, just like other times God has given us the opportunity to trust Him.

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