We’re Back!

Obviously, blogging did not go as I expected! Lack of time, energy, internet all fed into the collapse of a vision, but my intentions were good. The cost of data in Canada was unreal, and even when we had a campsite with wi-fi, we were usually too tired to try. And then there were the challenges with the RSS feed.

All that to say, it was an amazing adventure. We learned so much about ourselves (and our sin nature when energy gave out!) and our grandchildren. Living in the same space for as long as we did helped barriers come down and true emotions expressed. And we learned from each other. As we went through the Proverbs study, we were reminded how each one is precious and we are all growing.

We saw amazing nature. God gave us some “up close and personal” experiences and still protected us from them being too “up close and personal.” Jasper National Park in Canada was absolutely amazing — it made our Rockies look like hills. But even as we were driving through the Appalachians (which the Rockies make look like hills), we were inspired with the beauty and God’s majesty. Each range has it’s own message to us.

Roger’s sabbatical was not exactly restful, but it was full. I think both of us are going to take some time to download all that occurred and lessons learned. The trip was a gift from God we will cherish for a lifetime. For now, let’s celebrate!

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