Those Who Work – Restoration

Prayer in the Night – Chapter 5

The last category is “those who work.” As Americans, we try to put this one first, as if all the glory and attention should go for what we produce. But if we jiust focus on our work, we’ll never be comforted in our grief or attentive to what God is doing.

We often do see spirituality in our work. Tish writes, “We leave our small mark on the world…Done well, it adds truth, beauty, and goodness to the world. It pushes back the darkness.” (page 65) She calls it participation “in God’s mending of a world unraveled.” (page68)

She also talks about how “work weaves us together as a human race, dependent and interconnected.” (page 66) What we produce is not meant to be owned but shared. That’s why greed is so devastating.

And she also talked about Jesus and how he worked. He didn’t live off the goodwill of others or God’s riches. He learned a trade and contributed to the livelihood of others.

My favorite quote from this chapter (page 76): 

“God became flesh 
and built some furniture.” 

PS – She’s got a great sense of humor in her book Prayer in the Night! Get it on Amazon or another retailer.

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