Those Who Watch – Attention

Prayer in the NIght – Chapter 4

The second category of those who pray are those who watch, who give attention to the world around them.

Sometimes life smacks us in the face, resulting in weeping. And sometimes we observe life, the nuances, the dangers, the solutions. We give it our attention.

And we give God our attention. What was his intent? When will the world be reordered according to the perfect will of God? What are the signs?

This all takes time. While weeping is spontaneous in the moment, attention is spread out, enduring, focused.

Tish writes, “Christians believe this cosmic reordering has already begun in the resurrection of Christ. Jesus’ resurrection is the sole evidence that love triumphs over death, that beauty outlives horror, that the meek will inherit the earth, that those who mourn will be comforted. The reason I continue watching and waiting, even as the world is shrouded in darkness, is because the things I long for are not rooted in wishful thinking or religious ritual but are as solid as a stone rolled away.” (page 57)

Don’t you love that? The cosmic reordering has begun. Jesus sacrificed his life so that all could be redeemed. No more weeds, pain in childbirth, sin or death. Why? 

Because a stone was rolled away.

Our task is to watch for the Lord. What is he saying or doing in our midst? How does he want us to give hope to others? How does he want to heal?  How does he want to give us light in the midst of darkness?

Do you see the light?

Are you watching? 

PS – Tish Harrison Warren says it so much better in her book, Prayer in the Night! Read it for yourself!

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