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Capturing time through poetry, Maggie Bruehl invites you to come with her through reflections from the Bible and everyday life, where things as simple as cleaning silver or being stranded on the side of the road evoke poems. Life is reflected in relationships, and with distinct candor, Maggie exposes her own failures, inspiration, and joy.

Life also contains suffering. An incurable form of cancer has forced Maggie to face fears of death and live each day fully. Splash: Captured Moments in Time invites you on a journey, reconnecting with your own most personal, inspiring and lasting moments.


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“In Splash, Maggie Bruehl completes a labor of love and invites us to wander through word pictures and powerful personal moments. Her poems flow from Scripture, family, friends, and cancer in this open and beautiful collection of poems.” Robert W. Kimsey, Blue Ridge Poets and Writers; author of Air Swimmer

“Our family has had its own struggles with suffering, so I connect with Maggie’s journey of faith. As she expresses my own thoughts and feelings in her poetry, she inspires me to articulate for myself new ways of thinking about my journey and that of my family. I especially loved ‘Sand In My Shoes.'” Karon Morton, VP InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA


Page 5

Exodus 3:5

Take them off!
God said to Moses,
Bursting from a burning bush.
Enter the presence of God
In humility and obedience.

Take them off!
God inspired early Christian artists,
Symbolizing the mortality of man
In the presence of immortal God
Filled with the glow of His glory.

Take them off!
God says to us today.
Feel your filth from the road’s dirt
Fear of falling without arms to catch,
Feel the holiness of his presence.

Take them off!


Page 54

I didn’t notice the platter
Behind the glass with other pieces
Growing older together,
Until I looked at it
by itself.

At first the tarnish was subtle,
Dingy in the middle,
Little scratches and marks.
In my hurry I ignored it
And used it.

But when dinner was over
It could no longer be ignored.
The polish came out
And the rubbing began,
Intense yet gentle,

Seldom seen,
The worst was on the back.
With lattice holes
Trapping black clots,
Taking extra effort
And love.

But after continuous strokes
It began to shine
Until I saw my reflection.
The cloth, the instrument of grace.
Turned from white
To black.

Lord, how tarnished am I?

When Healing Doesn’t Come

Page 100

When healing doesn’t come,
When “this cup” doesn’t pass,
What does it mean?

My faith was not as strong
As the person next to me?
My work is done
When there is so much to do?
Does it mean grace
Does not extend to my pain?

He wept in a graden
As I weep now.
Did you not hear?

He prayed for your will
Even as I pray now.

I will never understand, God,
How it was your will
To shed the blood of your son
On a cross…

Nor how the loss of a saint
Can be a delight in your eyes.

He prayed your will,
Feeling foresaken,
Gasping breaths of love,
Bleeding drops of forgiveness.

Can I be so strong,
So abandoned,
So willing,
To do the same?

5 Responses to Splash

  1. Kathy Coy says:

    Maggie! How exciting!!! I look forward to reading your book!

    Hugs & Blessings to you as you faithfully continue God’s path personally as you encourage to so many!

    May the God of hope fill you with all joy & peace in believing that you may abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit! Romans 15:13 Amen? Amen!!

    Kathy Coy xoxo

  2. Shirley Shimer says:

    Maggie, what a blessing you’ve been your whole life, and now you’re adding to it! I, too, look forward to reading your book! Love, Shirley

  3. Randy Ray says:

    Congratulations, Maggie! I just read the three samples of your writings and I was very, very impressed. I will most certainly purchase a copy of your book from Amazon and leave a glowing review. I am so happy for you!

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