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Campus Crusade for Christ’s (Cru) official website: www.campuscrusadeforchrist.orgThis looks interesting on intelligent Design. If anyone has a copy, I’d love to borrow it!

A great video from Keynote (Cru Communications) Ministry – It’s worth it for the guitar “Joy to the World” as well as the message of what God has done over the past year!

FamilyLife’s Resurrection Eggs®

ase-img-02-25-familylife-eggsRediscover why over 1.5 million families have cracked open this Easter classic. Each of the 12 colorful plastic eggs holds a different memory-grabbing object to take Jesus’ journey to the cross and beyond. Interactive and easy-to-use from home to classroom to neighborhood hunt, Resurrection Eggs helps Easter come to life in little hands and hearts.Learn more.


The Bible Miniseries on The History Channel
ase-img-02-25-bible-miniseriesFrom producer Mark Burnett (SurvivorThe VoiceThe Apprentice) and his wife Roma Downey (Touched By an Angel), comes The Bible, an epic 10-hour, 5-part miniseries. This high-quality series features Noah’s Ark, Daniel in the lions’ dean, the crucifixion, resurrection and much more. The first episode airs this Sunday, March 3, on The History Channel. Watch a trailer featuring Steve Douglass, or learn more about the series or about how you can use this in your ministry at




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  1. Amy says:

    Hey Maggie,

    Loved your guest spot comments on blogging! Enjoyed your site too.

    Love and prayers,

  2. Kathy Ball says:

    Thank you for your insights ‘when the unexpected happens!’ He is Sovereign. Praying for your healing, Maggie!

    Hugs and prayers,

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