Psalms 115:2 – Here Is My God

(I thought this was appropriate for the news today…)

Why should the nations say,
“Where is their God?”
Our God is in the heavens;
He does all that he pleases.

After giving all the honor to our Lord, we are asked the question, “Why should the nations, where is their God?”

 Yes, when people ask us where our wealth comes from, how do we answer? Do we explain the good decisions we made? Do we explain our inheritance? Or do we let that wealth reflect the glory of God.

 When times are hard and people ask us why it happened, are we careful to not blame God, as if he couldn’t handle it. Are we afraid that somehow it reflects less his love and faithfulness when times are hard?

Why should the nations say, “Where is their God?” Maybe it’s because we, I, am not saying, “Here is my God!” He is with me, guiding me, giving me grace in the time of plenty. And He is with me during the hard times, guiding, giving grace.

Maybe I’m not speaking his name, taking the glory or the blame myself, as if I didn’t really believe in the god I claim to worship. Maybe I don’t think think they want to know, or they will ridicule him or me. Why do they have to ask? Why can’t they see and hear it from me?

The explanation for both good and hard times is, “Our God is in the heavens; He does all that he pleases.” I don’t why he choose a sinner like me to bless.  I don’t know why he choose a sinner like me to suffer. But he does, having grace in both cases, to see me through.

It’s the grace, it’s the presence of God, I want others to see. 

Then, they won’t have to ask, “Where is your God?”

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