Let it Go

There is the famous Disney tune, “Let it Go.” We’ve had our own version of that lately with Irma, but even before that I was thinking about the whole area of letting things go. (picture below is Roger, Winston and I riding out the storm)

I’m a little OCD. You can tell by looking at my closet. My clothes are organized into sleeveless tops, long sleeve tops, jackets, dresses and skirts, pants and shorts – in that order. In other words, it’s not totally OCD, but coming close, at least in comparison to others in my circle of friends and family

I’m a little OCD in my calendar. I just spent the last 5 hours working on my calendar, writing emails based on plans, sending appointments. The last two months have been crazy, forming plan A and then B and then — I don’t know what letter we actually landed on!!! Things kept interrupting the plans I try to hold loosely…but which have been meticulously formed. They are like dominos; you change one thing and it has repercussions on others.

I was talking with a few others who are feeling out of control and who want to find some thing they can land on. Houses need new repairs. Boxes need unpacking from a move. Health issues are messing up plans.

And I think of the Lord saying, “Don’t worry about tomorrow…” and try to balance it with Paul’s “make the most of your time.” There is a responsibility of this precious life, and yet, we need to hold it loosely, not become OCD, and, as Disney says,

“Let it go.”

What is it that you are struggling to let go? I’d love to hear about it in the comments, or email me personally.

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