Psalm 86:8-10 You and Me – Focus on You

There is none like you among the gods, O Lord,

Nor are there any works like yours.

All the nations you have made shall come

And worship before you, O Lord,

And shall glorify your name.

For you are great and do wondrous things;

You alone are God.

The focus that has been shifting gradually now becomes laser. It’s not about me; it’s about him.

It’s about who he is and what he does. There is none like him in my life. The other things I put my trust and time into (finances, hobbies, work, etc.) pale alongside him…in fact, they disappear. They are no longer important. So we’re short on our paycheck? What does that compare to the God of the universe who controls all the money in the world?

And there is nothing that can do for me what he does. He has literally saved my life from the depths of depression. He is saving my life from sin. He is providing food, clothing, health, joy — the list could go on forever!

All the nations join me in bowing down before him. There’s no fear in who is going to win the final battle. Yes, there are losses in this world, and real reasons to fear if we’re depending on the government or anything else to keep us safe. But in the end, all will bow and glorify his name!

He is great and he does wondrous things, because he alone is god. Not just my god, but the god of the universe and all nature. Whatever I have set up next to him, needs to go.

Somehow there is peace in knowing that it’s not just me that is powerless. Everything else is powerless compared to the power of god.

Instead of fear, I find peace.

What does that kind of peace look like in your life? What fear has been replaced with peace? 

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