Tend the Sick, Lord, Christ – Embodiment

Prayer in the NIght – Chapter 7

I know all too well we all are confined to bodies. Between cancer, fragile bones, and the germs of life (much less COVID), we are constantly reminded that we are limited by what our bodies give us – energy and intelligence to accomplice. 

It’s part of our vulnerability: “We are reminded in sickness that none of us is the master of our own destiny, the sustainer of our own life…We want to be indispensable, omnicompetent, and indestructible. But we are human, creatures of the dust. Embracing this truth about ourselves is the kind of humiliation that births freedom.” (95,96)

It’s in our most isolated, vulnerable state we cry out to God. We ask God to become once again involved with human bodies, our weaknesses. And through our weakness, we ask him to bless this world.

I look forward to the day when we will be with Jesus, eternal in our bodies. No sin, no disease, no death. Free from the confines, free from the fear of pain, harm or death. Free, just as Jesus was free in his resurrected body. 

I wonder if we’ll walk through walls?

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