Read with me…Prayer in the Night

Have you ever read a really good book and you want to share it with others?

I was just introduced to Tish Harrison Warren’s book, Prayer in the Night. I bought it almost immediately from Amazon, hoping the momentum would not leave me before receiving it. My shelves are lined with books I once wanted to read, but momentum passed…

Since Amazon delivered it “Prime,” I didn’t have much of an excuse. So, I cracked it open the evening I received it and entered into a whole, new world.

It wasn’t like reading The Hobbit and entering a fantasy world, but it was almost as different. As an evangelical, I haven’t “read” prayers and was guilty of much of the prejudice she talked about in her Prologue (yes, I read prologues…). She’s an Anglican priest. I pray when I feel like it while she prays the prayers of the “Hours.” 

But her story in the Prologue gripped me – we both pray when we are desperate, completely vulnerable to the world and dangers in it.

As she said, “I needed this moment of crisis to find its place in something greater: the prayers of the church, yes, but more, the vast mystery of God, the surety of God’s power, the reassurance of God’s goodness.”

That thought captivated me – having a crisis find its place in “the vast mystery of God, the surety of God’s power, the reassurance of God’s goodness.”

And I couldn’t wait to read more…

PS – Please buy the book by Tish Harrison Warren, Prayer in the Night! I’ll be writing about my impressions, chapter by chapter, but there is SO MUCH MORE!

Words of Thankfulness – Philemon

 So just how does Paul feel about Philemon? What is their relationship like? This verse lays it out for us…

I thank my God always when I remember you in my prayers,
because I hear of your love and the faith that you have
 towards the Lord Jesus and for all the saints,

First, he thanks God for him…always. Not once in awhile, but always. I have great kids, a great husband, but I’m not sure that I have “always” thanked God for them.

But when Paul thinks about Philemon, his heart is overwhelmed with gratefulness. I wish I could crawl into his mind and remember what he was remembering, but whatever it was, it was beautiful. 

And Paul prays for Philemon. Think about it – what would it be like for Paul to pray for you? Would it be prayers of thanksgiving, or prayers for strength, confession, maybe humility? What would his prayers be for me?

And why did Paul thank God for Philemon? He was hearing, even in prison, how Philemon was loving the people around him. He was hearing about Philemon’s faith as he trusted God. And he was hearing how that love and faith were directed not only to God but to those around them.

What a wonderful way to be remembered? Philemon put feet to his faith, and his reputation went before him. Can’t you see Paul writing at his makeshift desk, smiling, musing, remembering what he had heard about Philemon.

Lord, help me put feet to my faith…