What’s New?

It’s hard to leave the old, the comfortable, in search of something new, even if we are excited about the new.

That’s how many of us are feeling about this new year. 2020 was a miserable year, a disruptive year, in so many ways I don’t want to depress myself recounting them!

But we did find a way to be comfortable in the midst, to even find “joy.” Joy came in the form of a kale and lettuce garden, drives in the mountains, spending time with one or two “safe” family and friends. Joy came in making masks, quilting Christmas gifts, doing audio editing for her.BIBLE – a million little things that made me feel I was connecting with the world “out there” with our leaving “here.”

And it was a joy to study Job and Philemon together. It’s hard for me to leave Philemon – like leaving a Covid friend! He’s become dear to my heart, and I will never forget him.

But it looks like we are entering, although slowly, into “new.” With the immunization coming, we can venture out into the world. I imagine there will be will be a return to some of the old, taking some new with us, entering into a world we’re still not sure we can trust. I wonder how much of this last year we will take with us?

So what’s next?

For me, I’m getting a hip replacement (yeah!) this Thursday (so please be in prayer). That will be something new – being able to walk without pain, I trust.

For a study, I was thinking about an overview of Genesis? “In the beginning,” everything was made new. And some people embark on Bible reading programs that begin in Genesis. I’ve been audio editing Genesis, so you can listen to it on her.BIBLE soon. If not, maybe I can cheat and give you little previews of what is to come.

What say ye? Will I see you in the New Year?