In The Beginning – Genesis 1

In the beginning
The heavens and the earth.

So simple, yet so profound…

We have a beginning point, from which all things radiate. We don’t know exactly when it is, although scientistic have been trying to pinpoint it for centuries. In some form, the earth may have existed before this “beginning,” with this “beginning” being the part of creation that relates to mankind, who the Bible is written to. But there is a beginning point.

But before that beginning point, there is a God who existed. Before there was heaven and earth, there was God. Just as scientists have tried to pinpoint the beginning, they have tried to pinpoint who or what God is. And just like the nebulous “beginning,” they can’t seem to embrace who or what God is. Mankind just has an innate sense that something exists beyond their own knowledge and powers and is fascinated with trying to define (or dismiss) it.

This God, created. Things did not come into being randomly, without plan or design. They came with a designer. And with that design came systems of multiplication for a future.

Isn’t it interesting how the world pushes back on this “beginning,” this “God” who existed before the beginning, this “designer” of the present and the future? They even push back on maleness and femaleness saying we can choose what sex (or no sex) we want to be. 

It’s as if mankind is trying to take control over things that are so much bigger than them, in rebellion of believing in something so much bigger than them.

Wouldn’t it be easier to “cease striving?” Wouldn’t it be easier to just relax in the idea that there was a beginning, there is a God, this God creates?

I know some may think I’m unscientific or naïve, but I choose to rest in these simple facts. It answers so much for me, as the story unfolds. 

It gives me peace as I rest in something much bigger than myself.