Round 5 – “No News Is Good News?”

SAM_0587 copyI’ve always assumed when I don’t hear from someone that “no news is good news” meaning that they are healthy and busy and haven’t had time to write. At least, I wanted that to be the grace given to me when I didn’t write.

But it’s been weeks since I posted. Most of the time was the “good news” of being happy and busy, but last week..

No news was bad news.

I had a fever that just would not leave. Just a fever,. No other symptoms. We took tests, cultures and X-rays. Finally they started me on a general antibiotic that seems to kicking it out.

But I learned several things:

  1.  I need a back up plan to post when I am sick. I’m sure I could have used some extra thoughts and prayers last week, but was just to “out of it.”  I’m not sure what the plan would be, but I need to figure it out.
  2. Remembering numbers when I’m sick doesn’t work, especially when Roger says, “What was your fever last time?” I don’t have a clue! But we started this system of me texting him every time I took my temperature. That gave me a record as well as let him know how high it was and if he should come home from work.
  3. I’m not always nice when I’m sick. I guess I get on survival mode. My head hurts and I just want to be left alone (but not too much alone!). I’m not easy to figure out and I appreciate the grace Roger and others give me. But I also learned that being sick is not an excuse to not be nice, and I need to communicate with others what I am feeling and want before I got irritated.

So…if you don’t hear from me, don’t assume everything is well. Prod us a little to communicate, good or bad. And pray I figure out the communication piece.

Oh, and the chemo. It’s on hold until the fever is gone, probably at the end of the week. Good news is that M-proteins were down again to .3!


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4 Responses to Round 5 – “No News Is Good News?”

  1. Sue Johnson says:

    Ahhhh Maggie, I know, that’s why JC was what you needed….”just out of the blue”, no, out of the Holy Spirit!
    Loving you, Sue

  2. Pam Davis says:

    I’m so sorry that you felt poorly last week. I prayed when I got your text on the 11th, but thought the fever was coming down. I’ll keep praying.
    If you need help with meals (if you even feel like eating when you have a fever) text “help” and I will pick up dinner & head to DeBary.
    Love you….Pam

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