New Beginnings

nonameEaster is a wonderful time of the year — a time of gathering family and friends and worshipping a Savior who defeats the grave. It puts life into perspective.

We have some good news. Wednesday, April 3, I’m having surgery on my leg. Now, to most people, surgery is not good news. But to me, it’s opening the possibility of new beginnings.

They will go into my ankle area through a small cut in the back of my heel (last time it was two 4-5 inch slices on either side of the ankle with a 3 inch tear crosswise where bone was exposed). They will “rough it up” so that my body sees it as a new injury it needs to heal and then they will pack it with bone graft taken from my knee and a protein to encourage healing. This creates new hope.

It’s it interesting how when you let the surgeon address an issue, it’s much easier than trying to recover from a traumatic event? When I injured it myself by getting into circumstances beyond my control, it was a mess — 6 days in the hospital, 2 surgeries, plates and screws and a fear of bone infection. This time the surgeon is able to use the plates and screws already in place in a clean environment so that it is an “in-and-out” procedure.

Doesn’t that sound a lot like life? We can do it “our way” which often means God has to do major surgery to put us back together again. Or we can let him do it in his time and in his way – much less painful! If we can read his word and obey, it’s much less painful than having to ask forgiveness and seek healing. However, when our ways do get us into trouble, God builds on the foundation laid to (hopefully) make future surgeries less traumatizing. We just need to cooperate.

Pray with me that this surgery will work and my leg will heal. The oncologist has indicated that I have 6 weeks or so before we would need to begin treating the cancer. With this surgery, I have renewed hope that we can get this process going, and renewed hope that I will see the Lord in the midst of it.

Christ is risen. Christ is risen indeed! 

What can we be praying for you about? Where do you need new beginnings?

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