Mission Accomplished

2011-5-22 Great WallI took some notes after reading an article in Real Simple (“Mission Accomplished”, September page 145) that seemed appropriate this time of year when I’m thinking about how we to move “forward.”

  • Choose a Goal
    1. Zero in on something specific and measurable
    2. Make it just hard enough (range goals)
    3. Check that the goal is within your control
    4. Review your skills (performance goal vs. learning goal)
  • Master the Logistics
    1. Break down the goal
    2. Create a detailed agenda
  • Stay motivated
    1. Check in frequently (accountability)
    2. Plant daily reminders
    3. Spread the word – when you write it down and share, you are 33% more successful
    4. Learn from your mistakes
    5. Celebrate victories, large and small
    6. Reassess if necessary

It’s not “rocket science” but just good reminders, something I need to sit down and do. I’m still trying to figure out what “forward” looks like. As I do, I’ll post.

After all, I need every 33% advantage I can get!

What goals are you working on this year? How can I celebrate with you?

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