Finally, a Birth! – Genesis 21

The story of Abraham and Sarah is long and detailed, because God wants to embed in us the beginning of his people, a nation we have been grafted into as believers of Jesus Christ. After all their wanderings, in the midst of protection from sin, God answers their prayers with a new beginning.

Not much is said of the actual birth. In some ways, it was quite ordinary, just like the birth of a baby in a stable, placed in a manger.

But it signaled a new beginning. 

It signaled the potential for the promise, all those visions, to come true. 

We don’t hear about Abraham’s emotions, although they must have been plentiful. But we hear Sarah’s –

God has made laughter for me;
everyone who hears will laugh over me… 
Who would have said to Abraham
that Sarah would nurse children?
Yet I have borne him a son in his old age.

Sarah’s laughing again, but not in scorn. She’s laughing in fulfillment. Her doubting has turned to joy.

There are times when I doubt and God surprises me. Just recently I gave up hope, resigned myself, on ever being able to walk normal again, to not have to use a wheelchair when going out for the day with family. And then, after consulting several doctors, one gave me hope. And now I’m walking…and laughing!

A new beginning…

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