Conversations About Jesus – April 8, 2014

I’ve been sick all week and am finally opening the mail. We received 2 letters back to back that I thought might be an encouragement to you.

The first was from Pam who talked about Debbie (Jesus Film) who had an opportunity to share with a Muslim woman on the plane. I don’t know about you, but I often don’t know where to start a conversation. Her opening line was, “Is your religion important to you?” What a great question! The woman explained that she was a devout Muslim, but then asked Debbie about her religious beliefs.

And interesting conversation followed about who Jesus is. Debbie told her about The Jesus Film and Magdalena, a movie we originally created for Muslim women. When they touched down, she was able to find it in Arabic at and showed it to the woman who exclaimed, “They speak Arabic!” She emailed the link to her so that she could watch the entire film later.

The second was from Leah who had a great Costco story. Three years ago she struck up a conversation with am employee who looked like she was in emotional pain at the gas pumps, bringing God/praying into the conversation. The woman poured out that her estranged daughter was married to an ex-convict who was beating her regularly. She promised to pray, returned the nozzle and drove away.

Just weeks ago, Leah was again at Costco, in the pharmacy line, when Donna rushed up to her. “She left him! She and the girls are now with me!” she said excitedly. They talked in the clothing aisle and Leah told her how she had continued to pray. What a God moment that must have been.

I guess I’m sharing these stories because they are a reminder to me that we are a “light” to those we are around, whether it’s on a plane or in Costco (or a hospital waiting room – where I spend much of my time these days). And I was impressed with the ease and boldness of how these women turned everyday encounters to the Lord. I thought they might be an encouragement to you.

And, this is why we do what we do — a passion to reach people for Christ. How we work out that passion is sometimes more administrative (like auditing the ministry that produces The Jesus Film so that it doesn’t get shut down), but that passion is the same. We knew you were passionate about the gospel also. Maybe these tips will encourage you —



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