Bump in the Road

climbI hit a little bump today. I felt like while I had the 3 weeks reprieve in my hand looking at all the “candy” (things I could do) someone said, “Is that real money?”

A little after 8am this morning, sweet nurse Mary called to tell me the Bone Marrow Biopsy came back “inconclusive” (in other words, something happened to the sample so that they could not get valid results) and I would need to do the test over again. Let me remind you, this is the one that hurts, where they bore into your hip and pull bone marrow out with a needle…

I took a deep breath and said a tentative, “O…K…?” She told me they would put me asleep this time (thank you!) but that my appointment with my doctor might need to be rescheduled if results are not back in time (so what do we do with the plane tickets we just bought?!?).

Soon afterwards I got the call to schedule the procedure and (Praise God!) they can do it tomorrow (a new Friday tradition – that’s when I had it done last week!). But hopefully this means we can move ahead with the plans we have made and results will be in by 6/12. At least pray for us for that end.

Life is full of bumps, isn’t it? Just when we think we have some amount of control, God reminds us it’s an illusion. But his control is never an illusion and he’ll help us walk around, through or over whatever he allows in front of us. I’m so glad I have friends I can share this with!

What bumps are in your life? Let me know so that I can be praying…

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5 Responses to Bump in the Road

  1. Gina says:


    My heart sank when I read that you have to do that procedure again. Those are the kinds of things that can just run you dry. I’m encouraged by your faith and trust in Him in the midst of it! Transition continues to be a bump in my life. The constant need to initiate to find our place here feels like an uphill climb and for several reasons this week it’s been tougher to take. I’d appreciate prayers for that. Thanks!

  2. Suzie Soave says:

    You are one brave woman and an inspiration to so many.
    Thinking about and praying for ………YOU!
    Love you,

  3. Maggie says:

    Thanks Gina and Suzie for your prayers and comments! I sure do need them!

  4. Kathryn says:

    Thank you Maggie……I spoke of you earlier today to a friend….expressing how much I love your walk with God and your trust in Him. Cheering from your balcony friend!

  5. Donna Lusher says:

    Maggie and all – I finally had a chance to go thru the previous posts and prayer letters to catch up on things. I echo the prayers of others for you in the midst of the challenges and the truly lousy (to put it politely) things you are experiencing. We know our Loving Heavenly Father allows these things, not causing them, that He might be glorified and we might come to be more like our Savior Jesus, empowered by the Holy Spirit to trust and weep and rejoice in His good time.
    I love the updates on those sweet “children” that you trusted me to babysit so many years ago. I can hardly recognize them in the photos. My love to them all. Greet Roger with love and appreciation for all he did to help me at work in some trying times. My love and prayers are with you.

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