Bless the Dying – Ashes

Prayer in the Night – Chapter 9

“We pray to a Creator who has himself tasted death.” (114)

I love Hebrews 4:15, “For we do not have a high priest who cannot sympathize with our weakness, but One who has been tempted in all things just as we are, yet without sin.” 

Jesus knows us and our fear of death. He knows what we have not yet tasted in full, the moment of death, the thoughts of the dying. He knows unbearable pain, the desire to have it over but not knowing how long it will go on. He knows the temptation to think “what’s next” when this life feels as if it’s over.

“Ground zero of our human experience of vulnerability is the fact that we all will die, ourselves and everyone we love.” (116)

Everything we have lived for will be sorted out. Either it will be meaningless rubble or crowns to give our Lord Jesus.

Roger’s mother recently passed from this life. I would love to say it was a peaceful parting, but it was hard – hard for her and hard for us to watch. And it’s been hard missing her since she has been gone. From my limited life experience, mourning a loved one is the deepest emotional pain.

“When we pray “bless the dying” we remember those who are at the sharpened point of their own vulnerability.” (123) We also touch for the briefest of moments, our own vulnerability. 

Someday, it will be us…

PS – Just a reminder to get your copy of the book by Tish Harrison Warren, Prayer in the Night. I’m writing about what God is showing me through it, but there is SO MUCH MORE!

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