Balance – Round 4 – Week 2

IMG_0502 copyI haven’t posted for a couple of weeks, which is a good thing. I enjoyed my week of rest which included tests and doctor’s appointments. The number that had gone down from 1.2 to .5 remained at .5 after this last round. I was disappointed but the doctor assured me that it does plateau and if that is the case, we will go on a lower dose of the chemo after this round. But for now, I’m on the full dose. What I was most happy about is that he did not put me back on the drug that has so many side effects.

It’s a good thing, also, because I have been “out and about.” Even though my immune system is compromised, I’ve figured out ways to be in public and minimize risk. I’ve felt good and have been with friends and family. I even went on a ministry trip with Roger to visit one of his resource ministries (International School Project).

Balance is the key. I rested in the afternoons. I was really proud of myself when, on the last day, I found myself really tired in the morning thinking, “If I were at home right now and felt this way, what would I do?” I knew I would rest, so I excused myself from the meeting and did just that. Yeah for me!

One of the most fun parts of the conference was when I surprised the ladies with scarves I had knitted last winter while laid up with the broken leg. I had made over 40 of them and had given them to everyone I knew here in Orlando, so I took what was left to the conference. It was so much fun to see them “oh and awe” over the colors as they picked their favorite. There is certainly joy in giving.

I think balance will be a theme for the next few weeks. There are activities and people who have been waiting for me to feel better. My inclination is to run to them before the energy gives out. But if I balance my energy, I might not run out so quickly. Pray with me towards that end.

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