And All for Your Love’s Sake – Dawn

 Prayer in the Night – Chapter 13

Chapter 13 begins the final section, the final chapter, of the book. Just like a crescendo in an aria, this final line brings us to a final colmination that wraps up everything that has just been said and written.

“And all for your love’s sake.”

Do you realize the focus and power in our prayers is not in the requests? As eloquent or desperate as they may be, and no matter how much time we spend talking about them, they are not the centerpiece. Even in this prayer as it goes on line after precious line, the power is not in the beauty of the words or fears of our hearts. 

It’s in who God is. It’s what he is able to do.

We could have the most beautiful prayer but deliver it to the wrong person. And if we did, it would be meaningless. 

There is only one God who is able.

Not only is he able to fulfill our request, but he is also able to love us enough to fulfill the request. It is because of his “love’s sake” he went to the cross, to bring us into relationship with him, to adopt us as sons and daughters. It’s for his own “love’s sake” that he embraces us as we pray.

Nighttime can still be scary. And we may not get or feel the protection we have prayed for. God’s answer, for his “love’s sake,” may be to “wait” or even the dreaded “no.” But even then, it’s not outside of his love or ability. As much as it hurts us, it hurts him to see us suffer, even if he knows the end result will be for good.

His “love’s sake” helps us see to the dawn when the night is gone and light makes life clearer. 

As Tish puts it, “In the end, darkness is not explained; it is defeated. Night is not justified or solved; it is endured until light overcomes it and it is no more.” (171)


I hope you have enjoyed this book blog of Tish Harrison Warren’s book, Prayer in the Night. I hope you get your own copy to underline and mark up as the Lord teaches you how he wants to meet you, even in the night.

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