Advent Series: How the Birth of Jesus Impacted…Simeon

Simeon – Luke 2:29-36 The Declarations

Let me set the scene again. Simeon waited his whole life to hold the Christ-child. And now he is in his arms. His life is fulfilled.


Because he has seen God’s salvation for his people.

I’ve never lived in a captured nation. I don’t have any idea of what it is like to live under that oppression. I can’t imagine having 100 soldiers march into my town, going house to house killing all the babies, at the whim of a political leader. I can’t imagine livening in that fear.

For centuries. One nation after another dominating them. Having promises from God you are trying to believe in, only met with silence. Going through the motions of faith, but seeing no salvation.

And then here it is, in a baby.

Because he has seen a light for revelation to the Gentiles.

It’s amazing how much Christian Jews fought Christianity being available for Gentiles, but it’s right here! The baby, the Messiah, was not just for the Jews, but for the people who were oppressing them. Salvation is not just for those who think they are holy, but for those who know they are not. It is offered to all.

Right there, in a baby.

But, that’s not all he sees, or says as he gently, lovingly, adoringly, hands the baby back to his mother and blesses them.

This child is appointed for the fall and rising of many Israel…so that the thoughts from many hearts may be revealed.

Simeon knows what will happen when this child grows up, God in the flesh. He knows hearts will be reveals. He knows the sin of his nation, the sin of the whole world, and that not everyone will rejoice as he is currently rejoicing. There are hearts which are sinful, full of pride, and don’t want a Savior. They will reject what he considers to be so precious.

And a sword will piece through your own soul also.

I can imagine Simeon’s eyes piercing Mary’s soul that very moment. She knew what he knew. Motherhood was not going to be easy. Not as Jesus was a child. Not as Jesus was an adult. There would be pain and rejection as he chose his Father’s house, his true heritage.

But no pain would be as great as seeing her beloved son, on a cross, with a sword piercing his side, piercing her soul.

Mary saw God born. She would also see him die.

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