God…We Need to Talk…

Simply a broken leg – what’s so simple about it? And why can’t I seem to do things simply?

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A compound fracture, exposed to air and germs for 8 hours? Splintered Fibula and Tibia, 2 inches above the ankle running into the ankle. 2 plates, 19 screws. Looking at the xray, it reminds me of the Canadian Rockies.

Two surgeries and a week later, I was able to travel the 10 hours home. Life became more complicated as we struggled to find a doctor who would take over my case, learning that insurance companies lump the surgery and aftercare together – doctor’s don’t get paid as much for aftercare if they have not done the surgery. I needed bandages changed and was turned away. We couldn’t go back; we couldn’t go forward.

A month later, a doctor took my case. I sported a new cast (New York black, of course!). I tried to smile through each trial, through each pain.

Then I heard the words I dreaded, “non-union.” The bone is not healing, “knitting together” as the Bible would say it. I had the same situation on my wrist when I broke it – it  took 2 different bone growth stimulators and 5 surgeries to get “almost” corrected. No way will I go through that again!

Why can’t I just do a simple break? A simple healing? Why do I have to make it so complicated?

Life is complicated. I know someone right now in the midst of divorce. It is complicated. There’s little clear “right and wrong” but tangled feelings that have ended up in a lot of “wrong.”  It’s a mess. It’s a fall. It’s a fall in the midst of a “fallen world” of sin and mortal bodies.

Why should I expect it to be easy? Because I am a Christian? Because I’ve done some good things? Because Jesus loves me, saved me, and gave me a beautiful life with friends and family? Shouldn’t he save me from this also.

But he didn’t.

Somehow, in his love and wisdom, he wants me to go through this. He wants me to lean into him and trust his love like I never have before. He wants to grow my faith deeper. He wants me to share my pain with others so they can be encouraged and know they are not alone, even in the midst of pain.

Jesus is not just a patch we put on to avoid the complications of life. He’s not a “good luck charm” to help us escape pain. But he has promised to be with us through it all, never leaving or forsaking us. When the going gets tough, Jesus ramps up his availability, his love, his peace.

 Life is complicated…

 Leaning into Jesus is not.

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2 Responses to God…We Need to Talk…

  1. Karen Burroughs says:

    Somehow you have managed to simplify a complex concept, Maggie! I will remember “Life is complicated, leaning into Jesus is not.”

    Forgetting what lies behind, straining toward the goal with you……

  2. Sandra says:

    Oh, my lands! Not sure how I missed this blog site up to today but I’m caught up, Maggie. Now if you could only get back to some less dramatic posts. Maybe a big camping trip or some such!

    You and we all would be happier. For now, drama it is and I’m praying for you nigh unto constant.

    Take it slow. Take it as it comes, with your hand in His. He has not left you or forsaken you. He will give you what you need as you need it…but, often, not a moment before. I love you, Friend, and wish I could lighten your load.

    Please, Jesus, keep her real close to you…and may she know how loved she truly is.

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