Job – Injustice

Zophar seems to be tempered after blasting Job the first time and then hearing Job’s responses as Zophar takes a much kinder, reasoning approach. This time he makes the argument that the wicked do prosper and maybe Job thought he was righteous because of his blessings when he was actually sinning.

Job responded in kind, asking his friends to, “Keep listening to my words, and let this be your comfort.” It’s as if the one needing comfort is trying to reason with, comfort the others!

Job continues to speak aloud all the questions hidden in his heart, 

Why do the wicked live, reach old age, and grow mighty in power?

Isn’t it an age-old question? Why is there injustice? We know because we were created in the Garden, in perfection, that injustice should not be. 

We long for a perfect world.

And yet, this side of the Redeemer, we will not see it. Even now we see wicked people go unpunished while good people, hard-working people, righteous people are suffering. It goes against every bone in our bodies, and we do what we can, but it always seems to fall short.

Somehow, this encourages me instead of depresses me. Why? Because I know there is a Redeemer, I know there is hope. There is a reason for my longing for justice for this world because God put it into my soul. And I am not alone in this struggle. It has gone on since sin entered this world.

I think of the book of Revelation when John cries out, CLORD, Come quickly!” I have the feeling that if Job had lived after Revelation had been written, he would have been crying out the same words…