A Glimmer of Hope – Genesis 40

Poor Joseph is in jail, but he bucks up and makes the best of it, showing his trustworthiness to the jailer and rising in the ranks of the lowest of low.

Enter two men who were of high standing, serving a somewhat fickle Pharoah, who became angry with them and threw them in jail. “They continued for some time in custody” with Joseph appointed to be with them. The chief jailer assigned them his best.

Then came the dreams, to both of them on the same night. Sensitive to their emotions, Joseph saw they were “troubled.” They had been in Pharoah’s court and knew how the wise men and magicians interpreted dreams, but never guessed a Hebrew slave in prison could do the same.

Before saying a word, Joseph gave the glory to God, “Do not interpretations belong to God?” While others took credit for themselves to gain position, Joseph did not.

As the cupbearer shared his dream, and the outcome was so wonderul, the baker couldn’t contain himself as he stepped forward with his similar dream. But the outcome was so different.

I can’t help but wonder what those three days of suspense were like. Did they dare believe the Hebrew slave? Did the baker cry out to his gods? Was the cupbearer elated, or fearful? After all, they did not know Joseph’s God.

And what did Joseph feel, waiting those three days. Did he fear he got it wrong, didn’t hear from God correctly? Things hadn’t gone well at Potiphar’s house – maybe this was another trap? What if it the interpretation didn’t come true?

And then it was Pharoah’s birthday. I can imagine the celebration. I wonder if the prisoners heard the partying down in the dungeon? Then the invitation came for the cupbearer and baker to join the party with the other servants…

Joseph waited in silence, in the prison.

The news came – the interpretation was true! The cupbearer was restored to his position, but the poor baker, well, it was not so good for him. 

There is a glimmer of light, of hope, in the story. Surely the cupbearer would remember what Joseph had done for him. The door was cracked. Any day now, it would open… 

Joseph had sought God. He had stepped into opportunity. He had been bold to speak God’s name. Surely he will be rewarded…

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